Useful Guide to choose the CCTV Camera to Get Full Protection

If you are choosing a good CCTV system, then you must make the correct choice of camera. Although specifications are given in order to compare and judge different cameras, this is not actually vital. It is not important even when compared to design of cameras. Here is a guide to buying cameras that sheds light on the key points that will help you in finding a camera with the right application.

TVL or Television lines

In case, you might not be aware about TVL – It is the number of horizontal lines a camera can record. However, there is also the need to ensure good quality of the lens because no matter how good the TVL is, it will never let the lens focus on details beyond natural ability. Let us understand this with an example: At D1 resolution, there are around 400,000 pixels for which a lens is desired to concentrate on sufficient pixels to capture the details.

An important thing to keep in mind is that many quote misleading figures as retailers mention TVL figures that can be…

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