Using Adrenaline Rushes To Max Your Lifts

Adrenaline is also known as epinephrine a hormone and a neurotransmitter. This is released into the bloodstream, instantly preparing the body to handle an emergency situations, which is also known as the “fight or flight” response. We have all heard the stories about how adrenaline can give the average person, freakish strength in emergency situations such as a small mother being able to lift heavy objects such as a car, to free a trapped child.

When the adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, the body reacts instantly. Your heart starts racing, things that run normally such as your digestive system, cease to function, glucose levels increase in the blood stream and the oxygen to the brain and the muscles increase drastically. A lot of people have also reported a heightened sense of awareness of the situation they are in and their surroundings. Life or death decisions are usually made with faster than lightning speed and extreme clarity. Without adrenaline, humans would have become extinct a long time ago.

What we have discovered is that, visual stimulation or mental imagination can duplicate this response without the necessity of putting ourselves in a life threatening situation. This does take plenty of discipline and lots of practice.

Epinephrine is temporarily heightened when we exercise at high intense levels which happens to be one of the reasons an intense lifting session can feel so good. At these levels and with normal training, usually this is enough to make us feel good but not enough to have an abundant impact on strength. If you could control the adrenalin rush and bring on a burst of epinephrine at will, making the body’s energy reserves kick in to high gear, this could really give you an incredible burst of strength for a maximum lift.

One of the methods of training yourself is to put yourself in a controlled condition that can cause your body to increase the epinephrine. This can make you put your body into an intense training mode by forcing your body out of its normal comfort zone and this is important. When we lift weights that we know our bodies can handle, the body does not feel the need to release any extra bursts of epinephrine energy. We gain this by going into uncharted territory that our bodies will have to gain the incentive to give us the boost we need to finish the task.

Some say that proper breathing techniques can be self taught what will initiate the adrenaline rush. One of the ways to accomplish this is to learn how to control your breathing by matching it to the intensity of your workout and can facilitate an adrenaline rush throughout your body. The theory is that when we breathe normal, during an intense session, our breathing falls short of propelling the cells to loss oxygen efficiency, putting the body somewhat behind the power curve.

Visual stimulation in the mind can increase your adrenaline as well. Seeing yourself all pumped to do the lift and actually seeing yourself before doing the lift along with the breathing techniques, can propel you into the adrenaline rush you need to complete the lift before you even attempt it.

Trying any of these methods can significantly improve the power lift and get you the results you desire.

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