Using Smart Meters to track your electricity usage

Though smart meters have been getting a lot of media attention recently, only a handful of customers belonging to the deregulated regions of Texas actually use them. However, before going into the details of how these devices can help consumers of Texas electricity, let’s take a look at what they are all about.


What are Smart Meters

Transmission and distribution utilities of the state use these digital devices to calculate electric consumption. Also called digital meters or advanced meters, these devices are substituting the old analog boxes, which you can find attached to the outside of business offices and homes.


How to use Smart Meters

You should register a new account online at For this, you will need your smart meter number and the EISD number for your apartment or home. You will also need your Smart Meter ID, which you can find listed on the right side of your electricity meter attached to the outside your home. You can check your…

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