What are the Symptoms and Causes of Non-Small Cell Cancer of the Lung?

Lung cancer is considered as a very common condition based on the reports from lung cancer statistics because lungs tend to be exposed to external surroundings compared to other areas of the body. In most cases, men and women are likely to inhale dangerous carcinogens from polluted air and go into the body by way of the lungs. The breathed in carcinogens can ruin the tissues within the lungs and cause the development of cancer cells. Among the most common factors behind non-small cell cancer of the lung are the following:

* Active and passive smoking
* Consumption of contaminated water that contain arsenic
* Extreme contact with pollution
* Exposure to carcinogenic elements like lead, asbestos and certain alloys

Signs and Symptoms of Non-Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung

Sadly, this problem is difficult to discover during its first stages as the signs are often vague and frequently mistaken for other health problems. Men and women almost have similar carcinoma of the lung indications,…

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