What Causes the Eye Strain or Fatigue?

What Causes the Eye Strain or Fatigue?

What causes the eye strain or fatigue? Signal processing by your brain. Your eyes are trying to convince your brain that they are seeing 3D images when in fact they are not. The technical explanation for this is that your eyes are having to view a film sequence through lenses that are flashing at 60 flashes per second (each on a 120Hz TV). This flashing occurs to allow one eye and then the other to see a separated picture – thus creating the 3 dimensional effect.

 Eye strain symptoms will not be present when you wake up in the morning nor be  accompanied by ultra-sensitivity to light.  Eye strain symptoms also tend to worsen when visual  tasks like reading are performed.

 Eye strain caused by computers  has become exceedingly common and today  eye strain affects mostly computer users  Summary Eye strain and headache are common ocular symptoms, and the main cause in persons aged 15 to 40 is convergence insufficiency. It is more common…

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