What has more caffeine, black or green tea?

When you drink tea there are many things to consider from the flavour, to whether you want milk and sugar, to how much caffeine is going to go into it. Caffeine in particular here is an important consideration as in many ways it will dictate the most about your tea. For some people caffeine is what they want – and they drink tea as a ‘pick me up’ that will act as a jump start in the morning to help get their brain online and improve their productivity, or help them to stay up into the wee hours.

 At the same time though caffeine has a dark side. Before we look at which kind of tea has the most caffeine, first we will look at the pros and cons of caffeine.

 When you drink caffeine it causes your system to go into overdrive, essentially promoting the fight or flight response which makes you produce a lot of adrenaline and increases your heart rate. This is what makes us awake and alert, and what results in quickened reactions and thought processes. In the short term caffeine…

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