What is Public Relations and How It Can Help You

Public relations (PR) is how companies and organizations create or maintain good relations with the public by using various communications tools and channels.

Traditionally, PR officers would work together with people from the news media to publicise good stories about the company and its products or services, creating a favourable public image. However, PR today cover a much wider scope.

These days, aside from the traditional news media, other media channels such as mobile news and social networking websites should also be recipients of a PR message. And not only should the messages be delivered, but the responses should be monitored as well, to help the PR office and their client gauge the public’s perception of the company being promoted by the PR firm. Lastly, PR is also tasked to build goodwill between the company and the public through activities and events such as seminars, giveaways, and sponsorships.

Companies with good PR stand out from those that have bad images. A…

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