What Is the True Meaning of Happiness

In daily life, we often see some people are optimistic, while some people are pessimistic. Why is it so? In fact, the external world has no any difference; only the individual’s internal attitude towards life is different.

What can illustrate this is that I see a sign in front of the shop which sells the donut: “the difference between optimists and pessimists are very subtle; optimists see the donut, but pessimists see the small hole in the middle of the donut.” This short humorous sentence reveals the nature of happiness. In fact, people eyes cannot see the full things, only to find things they want to see. Optimists and pessimists seeking things are different, and thus for the same thing, they also take two different attitudes.

One day, I stood in a jewelry store counter, put a few books of the parcel lying on the side. When a well-dressed, handsome man come in and had begun to look at the jewelry counter, I politely removed my package, but this man was angry at me….

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