What kind of Nursery bedding is best for my baby?

Nursery Bedding is perhaps the most important part of your child’s nursery. Your child’s crib is perhaps the focal point in the nursery and the type and style of bedding that you choose forms the basis of your nursery’s theme.

Every mother wants to provide their child with the most comfortable and safe bedding. How do you choose which type of nursery bedding is best for your baby.

I can give you a few pointers as to how to go about it; first you can make sure that the crib you choose for your child meets the crib safety standards. Whether you buy a new one or get a used one, make sure the frame is tight and withstands weight.

Next step would be buying a firm mattress. Avoid buying a soft mattress as there is a risk of suffocation. The mattress should fit in the crib perfectly, you can check by inserting two fingers between the mattress and the frame of the crib.

Many parents want bumper pads as part of their nursery bedding.

Choose bumper pads as mentioned below, and make…

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