What’s RSS? – Syndicate Your Blog Content

What Is An RSS Feed?An RSS feed allows simple online content distribution. RSS feeds can be read as plain text files, but they’re designed to be browse via an 
RSS Feed Reader. Numerous RSS feed readers exist. Readers vary from being standalone applications to being on-line based.How To Publish Your Blog Feed? If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform then you are in luck. WordPress has inbuilt RSS feed functionality therefore you’re most 
likely already syndicating your posts via RSS without even knowing it. If you’re using some other platform which does not automatically publish an RSS feed, you’ll have to appear for an applicable 
plugin to use for this purpose.You can read your WordPress RSS feed by navigating to yourdomainname/blog/feed or yourdomainname/feed (relying on the exact location of your 
blog).What’s a Feed Burner?A Feed burner provides services that allow RSS publishers who have already got an RSS feed to expand on the options provided by their…

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