Where to Find Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

Deciding to teach in Vietnam is one thing. Finding a job is another. There was a time when a native-speaking teacher could practically step off a plane and walk into a job such was the demand. These days, competition is much stiffer.

Partly as a result of economic downturn in the West, people are turning to Asia to find their fortunes. Or without exciting opportunities back home, young people are taking some time to work abroad and see more of the world. The end results is that it’s become harder to find a good job. Unless one knows where to look.

There are a few common spots to find jobs, but due to the vast distance between teachers and their prospective employers, there will often be a bit of a twist.

1) Direct Connections
2) Indirect Connections
3) Job Postings
4) Direct Inquiries
5) Recruiters
6) Pounding Pavement

#1 Direct Connections

This method is so obvious that many people neglect it: Do you know anyone who has taught in Vietnam before? Chances are you heard it from someone who…

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