Why Hypersensitive Skin Products Are Gentle On Skin With Allergies


Scented cosmetics and essential oils are made up of a variety of chemical compounds and thus trigger adverse reactions in those with hypersensitive skin. In order to avoid these adverse reactions, those with allergy-prone skin should follow a skincare regime comprising hypersensitive skin products which are fragrance-free.


What is hypersensitive skin?


Those with hypersensitive skin have an extremely low tolerance level to unfavourable environmental conditions and chemical-based skin care products. Upon usage of these products their skin may thus suffer from multiple allergies or worsen chronic skin conditions they may already have (such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis.) These skin conditions will get more irritated by chemical-based skin products. If they begin to use hypersensitive skin products however, it is likely that conditions can be improved and allergic reactions avoided.



These are skin care products that are fragrance free with ingredients…

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