Why Undocumented Workers are Good for Canadian Economy?

In the past decade, the Canadian economy has been considered one that had ample opportunities and as one that had the resources to constantly generates jobs, in any sector. The Conservative Government had introduced back-to-work legislation for striking Canadian Railway workers and this brought into limelight the fact that the country’s economy was at stake along with its international reputation.

About Canadian Economy:

The economists had foreseen the present state of the Canadian economy well ahead and estimated the slowdown on the labor front despite March and April having shown that there were a good number of jobs popping up. However, such a minor increase in the Canadian employment was seen due to the advent of self-employment options among the government and full as well as part time workers. This resulted in showing that the employment graph had stepped higher towards lessening the unemployment rates.

How did Undocumented Workers enter the Canadian Economy?

Canada has…

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