Will Chat Up Lines Realistically Work And Will They Lure Women?


Imagine this event if you will. You’re traveling to work and you spot a ridiculously attractive woman right by you looking at a magazine, just waiting for a bus. It’s only you and her at the bus stop, so if you said anything at all not one person would find out. After five minutes you pluck up the courage and choose to speak to her.


You state a classic pick up line that she would not have heard of previously, she laughs and you begin talking… her bus comes along, although as she’s just about to hop on, she gives you her number and says to phone her that night, so you’re able to carry on the conversation.


Right then, a couple of things have occurred here. One thing is you knew what to say, which actually meant you had the confidence and the second factor is, she did not reject you which implies that you may use that very same pick up line on various other girls to achieve the same results.


The thing I’m attempting to show you here is that chat up lines…

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