Winter Squash Purée from Jenn Louis

Throughout the seemingly interminable winter months, we want bright, fresh flavors—without hours of effort. So do chefs like Jenn Louis, whose esteemed Lincoln restaurant in Portland, Oregon, has an open kitchen that transforms simple, locally sourced ingredients into stunningly craveable fare.

One of the steadfastly seasonal chef’s favorite tricks is to turn the ample winter yield of large butternut squash into a versatile purée (see the recipe).  

“It’s really nutritious, and adds a warm and cozy wintry feel that’s hearty and delicious to eat,” Louis says. “It’s comfort food, for sure.”

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Using seasonal ingredients at their nutritional, flavorful peak is vital to Louis, so she simply tosses the squash in olive oil, roasts it and purées it without any seasonings—not even salt.


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