You have a great message – hidden under a steaming pile of marketing jargon, adjectives and fancy words!

You see them everywhere; on buses, buildings, websites, social ads and even in the bottom of urinals, trendy technology babble that jargon-hurling and language-torturing marketers use to make a great competitive advantage sound irrelevant and unrecognizable to the real problems that real buyers are trying to solve.

And you wonder why buyers rely on their peers, consultants and the prior experiences of their employees to decide which options they should consider and largely ignore vendor provided information.

Is your marketing content eroding or developing trust?

According to Hank Barnes at Gartner, 68% of the buying process has no direct involvement with the vendor, their partners or the vendors specific content and information. He stresses that buyers “have access to all this stuff from vendors, but making sense of it, interpreting it, understanding that they have the right stuff…

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